Amazingly Realistic Photo Frame PSD Mockups Volume 1 [9 Mockups]

Files included

  • psd
    Photoshop Document


File Size598.22 MB
Resolution300 DPI
Pixel Dimensions3500x2300
RequirementsAdobe CS4+

9 customizable photorealistic frame PSD mockups to make awesome presentations of your designs. Show your clients how cool your designs look after they have been put in to real frames.

These mockups use 24×24 inches wooden frame close-up shots taken from various angles. The perks of these mockups are that they are super easy to use, time saving and give you cool customization options. You can add your design to the frame using the smart object and it will fit like it was photographed inside the frame.

Customizable Frame Mockups

The frame & mat board (aka mount) has customizable color tones. The background wall can be customized with color tone or even new textures. Shadows and light effects have their separate customizable layers, to making light and shadows adjustment simply a matter of few clicks.

Customizable Layered PSD Frame Mockup

Included Frame Mockups:

  • Low angle close-up shot of wooden frame
  • Point of view shot of Wooden Frame from right side
  • Photorealistic mockup of dutch angle shot of wooden frame
  • Picture frame close shot from left side Normal view shot
  • Low-angle shot of picture frame with view from right side
  • Dutch angle shot of picture frame with editable backgrounds, frame and mat color
  • Tilted view of wooden frame mounted on textured wall
  • Beautiful eye-level view of picture frame mounted on dark textured wall
  • First person view of Photo frame mounted on wall with realistic lightning and shadows


  • Photorealistic Mockups
  • High Resolution @ 300 DPI
  • Customizable layered PSDs
  • Customizable layers of Frame & mat board (mount).
  • Changeable background wall (textures or colors)
  • Smart object to quickly add your design


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