Beautiful Outdoor Newspaper Ads Mockups Volume 6 – [13 PSD Mockups]

Files included

  • psd
    Photoshop Document
  • ai
    Adobe Illustrator File


File Size588.53 MB
Resolution300 DPI
Pixel Dimensions3500x2300
RequirementsAdobe Photoshop CS4+

A good design combined with good presentation can really flesh out your designs and make a positive impression on your clients. Volume 6 includes 13 high definition newspaper PSD mockups with beautiful outdoor garden environment, realistic lights, shadows, additional photo layer effects and brilliant poses. You can download this collection of photorealistic newspaper ads mockups for amazing presentations of newspaper & ad designs but not on the expense of additional time or high cost.

Under the hood these mockups are PSD files with labelled & organized layers for lighting, shadows & smart objects. Berliner newspaper (11.6″ x 17.6”) & different size newspaper ads have been used in these mockups. Each single newspaper page & ad space has its own smart object layer so you can just place ad designs & use your own newspaper page layouts. Just add your designs in the relevant smart object layer and you’ll get your own amazing presentation image ready like your shot it yourself. It doesn’t matter if your newspaper & ad design have slightly different sizes, they can be adjusted with minimal effort.

Included Berliner Newspaper Advertising Mockups:

  • ½ page (10.28”x7.96”) & full page ad (10.48”x16”) on a newspaper being read by someone while having a coffee in garden
  • Mockup of a person reading newspaper showcasing a double truck newspaper advertising layout (20.96”x16.08”)
  • Newspaper held straight against the wall for display of two ad designs, single column (1.84”x13.53”)
  • Closeup high angle view of newspaper in hands for showcasing berliner newspaper design & ¼ page ad (5.16”x7.92”)
  • 2 newspapers & water bottle on bench for advertising design (1.82”x14.82”) and bottle design
  • Closeup dutch angle shot of two half fold newspapers, water bottle and pair of sunglasses for full width ad (10.83”x4.84”)
  • Focus view of newspaper in hands showing a half page ad (10.28”x7.96”) with garden in background
  • Outdoor advertising mockup of berliner newspaper and bottle for showcasing ¼ page ad (5.16”x7.92”) & bottle design
  • Showcase 1/4 page ad (5.16”x7.92”) on berliner newspaper being read by a person sitting on bench in garden
  • Beautiful low angle shot of large ad (6.04”x12.1”) on newspaper being read by person while taking beautiful morning sky in the background.
  • Half page ad (10.28”x7.96”) on inner page of berliner newspaper being read
  • 2 page – double truck ad layout (20.96”x16.08”) on full spread berliner newspaper being held in hands
  • Opened newspaper held in hands displaying full page ad design (10.48”x16”) on one page and newspaper design on other page


We have included editable newspaper design in Adobe Illustrator format in this volume as well.

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